Monday, January 13, 2014

Jill was a beautiful woman who had no problem attracting men. She was also a model at one time. She seems to have grown up in a normal family with family values. She was taught not to be intimate with men unless she is married to them. This is why she married the first time. Jill's first marriage was in 1961. The marriage did not last long. She likes being married, but she always loses interest in the men that she marries. In the interview with Candace De Long Jill stated that she realizes that the problem is clearly her. She is quick to let Candace know that she never chased anyone. Husband number three was William Coit aka W.C., and he was the love of her life . Jill was married to William Coit for three years. In 1972, he was shot in the back three times. It appeared that he opened the door to someone that he most likely knew.  No one was ever charged in that murder. Though the police always suspected that Jill had something to do with it.

Jill married many times after W.C's death. She stated that she measured every man against W.C . She ended up divorcing them because they don't compare to the love of her life, William Coit. Later she moves away and meets another man named Jerry Boggs in Steam Boat Springs, Colorado. Jerry was about 50 years old when they started their steamy affair. They  married after just a few months. It was his first marriage.

Now, according to Jill, she said she learned some things about Jerry Boggs that disturbed her, and she did not want to marry him. In fact, she said that she was not officially married to him because they did not return the marriage license to the courthouse which was a requirement. Candace was shocked by that statement. She also said that they never consummated the marriage, and that they planned to adopt a child. They both lied about her being pregnant because they did not want people to know that she was going to adopt. WIlliam's brother is suspicious of Jill so he hired a private investigator. They were shocked by her past. They discovered that Jill had been married multiple times, and that she was still legally married to another man. Jerry immediately wants a divorce when he find this out. Jill wants out too, and she quickly started dating Michael Backus.
Thursday, Oct 21 1993. Jill and her boyfriend are seen near Bogg's home. Jill is dressed in men's clothing. They enter Bogg's home, and then proceed to hit him with a shovel and shoot him to death. The police suspect Jill almost immediately. Jill and her boy toy are arrested and charged with first degree murder. According to Jill, she was camping with her boyfriend three hours away. The jury did not buy it. Jill Coit & Michael Backus are given life in prison without parole.

Jill Coit was married eleven times to nine men. Two of the men were murdered. She was a model as a young adult.

When she started dating Michael Backus it was the first time she broke her own rule of having relations outside of marriage. She told Candace that she broke that rule because she was lonely.

She loved being intimate with men, in fact she had an ad posted on the internet on her behalf. The advertisement read ""Want U.S. Citizenship? Marry an inmate". The site is now closed.

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  1. Just out of curiosity does anyone know if Jill was ever diagnosed as Bi Polar??